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Medium sized ground-growing orchid bearing lovely reddish green leaves with pale veining. Multiple small white and yellow flowers appear in winter on the top of tall stems. Care Tips: semi-shade conditions to low light. Keep the orchid bark medium moist but not soggy - it is important that it is well drained - and do not water into the crown of the plant or on the leaves, as this will spoil their appearance. Mist frequently, daily if at all possible. It thrives at temperatures of no lower than 13C (55F) and warmer is better. Like most orchids, they like high humidity so stand on a saucer of wet pebbles and mist frequently, using soft water (filtered, boiled and cooled or rainwater). Size and price subject to availability. If you wish to buy this item, please contact us on 0207 352 5656 or email to

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