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Lavender Vera


Botanical name: Lavandula intermedia Dutch Group (Lavandula Vera). Perennial-evergreen plant with pale blue flowers. Suitable for full sun position. It requires a well drained soil. Ideal for tubs and pots. Flowering time: summer months. Height: up to 90-120cm. Culinary uses: add flowers to soups, stews and salads. Can be used to make tea and to flavour vinegar and sugar. Traditional medicinal uses: lavender oil is traditionally inhaled to prevent fainting and vertigo. May also be used as an antiseptic. Care: water well before planting and until established. Cut flowers are dried for pot-puri and sachets when just in bloom. Lavender is also available in other sizes and varieties, either as a herbs or shrubs for sunny outdoor position. Priced from £4.99 approx. Available year round. If you wish to buy this item, please contact us on 0207 3525656 or email to

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