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Aspidistra Elatior


Commonly called cast-iron plant because it is so tough and resilient.The shiny dark green leaves are 70-80 cm long and 10 cm wide. They shoot up directly from the soil, rolled in a hornlike shape. In the variety ’Variegata’ they have yellow or white stripes. Occasionally small purple, bell-shaped flowers will appear at soil level. Not a fussy plant and easily grown with minimum attention. Although they cope with shade, aspidistras grow better in good light, but keep them out of direct sunlight. Keep the compost just moist and water regularly during the warm summer growing season. Keep the leaves clean by wiping them with a damp cloth. Throughout summer provide a balanced liquid feed every 3 weeks. Variety, size and price subject to availability. If you wish to buy this item, please contact us on 0207 352 5656 or email to

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