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Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for maximising the liveable space of your home and extending the hours of enjoyment outside, and even the simplest illumination can transform the atmosphere of your garden.

Garden Lightning

Chelsea Gardener has exclusive rights to sell and install high quality, IP-rated outdoor light fittings that are manufactured in New Zealand and created to perform to a consistently high standard under tough environmental conditions.

Ensuring the design of your outdoor lighting is right is important both for practical and aesthetic reasons and our wide variety of garden lights will suit all purposes. Our range includes lights with ground spikes that can up-light trees and shrubs, and add drama and interest to your garden, step lights that are created to specifically illuminate dark stairways, or adjustable wall mounted lights.

We are happy to fully design and install your outdoor lighting scheme, or simply supply the fittings and accessories that you require. Our quality fittings are available in three versatile finishes – Satin Aluminium, Black powder-coated Aluminium, and Copper.

We have fittings suitable for all applications

We have fittings suitable for all applications:

  • Ground spike
  • Recessed
  • Wall-mounted
  • Under water

Simply call us on 0207 349 1696 or 0207 627 2579, and we can set up a plan specifically designed to meet your needs. For more information, please contact

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