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Amaryllis Plant


Amaryllis have long been popular plants as they flower easily and produce big and showy trumpet-shaped flowers which brighten up any dark corner of a room, especially in winter. The flowers can be as large as 15cm/6in and the stems 30-50cm (1-2ft). Care Tips - Room temperature around 20 C (64 F) and a bright location. Water generously during the growing and flowering period, and feed monthly even after flowering. The Amaryllis usually flowers 5-6 weeks after purchase provided it is given the right conditions. You need to keep on watering and feeding the plant for about six weeks after flowering, then reduce the watering until about September you are not watering at all. The leaves should die back during this period of their own accord. Put the plant somewhere dry and frost free; in the spring the bulb will put forth shoots. Then you should start watering and feeding again. Potted Amaryllis available in White and Red. Variety, size and price subject to availability. If you wish to buy this item, please contact us on 0207 352 5656 or email to

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